01. Nandi Hills (60 km)

A popular hill station known for its panoramic views, Nandi Hills offers a refreshing escape from the city. It's a great spot for sunrise and offers trekking opportunities.

02. Shivanasamudra Falls (135 km)

Though slightly beyond 100 km, these twin waterfalls are worth the extra distance. They are a sight to behold, especially during the monsoon season.

03. Chunchi Falls (90 km)

These picturesque waterfalls are located in a serene forested area, making them a perfect spot for a relaxing day trip.

04. Wayanad Hill (280)

Wayanad (about 280 miles from Bangalore), a beautiful region of Kerala, is famous for its stunning scenery, animal reserves and tea gardens.

05. Coorg Hills (265)

Coorg is a popular hill station about 265 km from Bangalore and is famous for its lush greenery, coffee farms and beautiful scenery.

06. Hogenakkal Falls (180)

Hogenakkal Falls, also known as the "Niagara of India", is located about 180 km from Bangalore and offers boat tours and stunning views.

07. BR Hills (170)

BR Hills is a peaceful hill station about 170 km from Bangalore that is famous for its animal shelters, hiking trails and breathtaking landscapes.

08. Hogenakkal Falls (180 km)

Although a bit farther away, Hogenakkal Falls is a beautiful waterfall located on the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, known for its boat rides and picturesque surroundings.

08.Bannerghatta National Park (25)

This wildlife sanctuary is known for its tiger and lion safari, butterfly park, and a zoo that houses various animals.

10. Mysore Palace (145)

Nearby Mysore, only 145 km from Bangalore, is famous for its magnificent Mysore Palace, thrilling festivals and extensive cultural history.

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